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About Us

IFRI PAY, a subsidiary of IFRI LLC is an online payment portal / app designed to provide an easy and convenient way for our users to pay for services ( tuition, hospital bills, medications, groceries, etc.) for their loved ones in Africa. Simply put, you can be in the comfort of your home around the world and pay for your loved ones education related expenses in Africa conveniently at the touch of your screen. IFRI PAY- is uniquely situated for such a time as this where the world is gravitating to a more technological and innovative way of doing business. This online payment portal/app will ensure convenience, efficiency and effectiveness in the way we access goods and/or services here in the United States on the one hand and how we support our relatives, friends and associates back in Africa by readily providing them the goods and services they need to sustain themselves, on the other hand. The latter will cover payment for essential services like tuition fees, hospital bills, etc. The introduction of this app will trigger the dynamism in the paradigm shift of how we see and do business on a trans-continental level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the financial nexus between the diaspora and the African community. We provide an end-to-end experience where Africans in the diaspora can pay for expenses for their loved ones in Africa at less cost and convenience.